The Future of Homebuilding

Our Mission

We enable the building industry to harness automation toward producing more affordable and sustainable housing.

Why Promise RoboticsTM

Our Expertise Is Yours

Our Expertise Is Yours

Leap into the future without any expertise in automation

Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment

Operationalize your home production in weeks, not years

OpEx Reduction

OpEx Reduction

Increase your profit margin by reducing direct and indirect costs

CapEX Reduction

CapEX Reduction

Reduce the initial CAPEX investment by 60% for a fast payback

Design Freedom

Design Freedom

Produce components from single-family to multi-story homes

Scale Efficiency

Scale Efficiency

Leverage one integrated production platform for multiple locations


Deep Tech + Advanced Manufacturing + Construction

Promise Robotics is an AI company bringing the most intelligent, flexible and compact industrial robotic systems to construction. Our ready-to-deploy industrial production systems are powered by a proprietary cloud-based software platform that manages the entire production lifecycle, from production planning to factory floor operations, scheduling, and logistics. Promise Robotics manages the entire automation lifecycle as-a-service to free partners to focus on growing their homebuilding business.

Partnering with Promise Robotics means benefiting from multiple decades of our firsthand experience in automated home production at scale (SEE ACQBUILT). Informed by completing more than 10 million sq. ft. of housing, we offer a holistic and transformative production solution to address labour shortages, save costs, reduce waste, and significantly increase the speed of quality home production from single-family to multi-storey buildings.

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One of Canada’s Top 20 Early Startups

Promise Robotics has been selected by CIX Canadian Innovation Exchange as one of the 2022 CIX TOP 20 Early startups in Canada by a selection committee composed of 140 investors and innovation experts. 2022 winners were selected based on the business model, quality of the service offering, #innovation, market opportunity, depth of management, and #DEI.

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Ramtin Attar

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

As the co-founder and CEO of Promise Robotics, Ramtin brings more than 16 years of leadership experience in helping the building industry to innovate and adopt new technologies for better productivity and sustainability.

Reza Nasseri

Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

Reza Nasseri is a Canadian home builder and philanthropist who has made significant and lasting contributions to the home building industry, post-secondary education, and Canadian communities.


Promise Robotics aims to break barriers, create jobs and contribute directly to addressing the housing affordability and sustainability challenges of major cities.

Kristopher Wojtecki, Managing DirectorReal Estate lnvestments, PSP Real Estate investment

SDTC’s seed fund supports early-stage Canadian entrepreneurs in every region and every stage across Canada. As Promise Robotics pushes forward a new era of construction, we’re proud to support their work to address housing affordability and sustainability.

Zoë Kolbuc, Vice President of EcosystemsSustainable Development Technology Canada

Promise RoboticsTM is the future of construction tech. Join us.

We’re looking for team members who will develop core robotic technologies and automation processes to enable the building industry to tackle our era's most pressing economic and environmental challenges.

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